Digital Convergence Solutions

Hybrid Internet and Broadband TV Solution

Hybrid Internet and Broadband TV or HIBTV is a new way of infotainment experience by aggregating existing TV programs with plug-in information from Internet including websites, social networks, video streaming, games, etc.Through overlaying widget app with TV program, audience will no longer just viewers but can also involve the progress of the program they are watching, even simultaneously engage other viewers on another big screen. HIBTV will also introduce brand new add-on value to existing one-way broadcasting, extending one-dimension time slots for commercials to multi-dimension real estate incorporating precision interactive advertising and commerce gateway to maximize impulsive purchase effects.

Our HIBTV solution can provide end-to-end integration to realize the opportunity presented by this new experience, and we even further into multi-screen scenario to take advantage of all the smart devices available today.


  HIBTV Backend System

The backend is the core system integrating metadata, video server, push service, traffic control to synchronize video and information from multiple data streams, as well as utilizing cloud services to inject and analyze mass information from various broadcasters and ICPs.

Digital Content Production and Publishing

Through our experiences on various digital content integration projects, we are not only able to provide components and solutions for digital content production and publishing, we also established a digital content platform that is ready to provide service to creative minds so they can concentrate on bring best contents to the audience.

Our HIBTV solutions consist of these major components and can be extended to further integration other smart devices such as tablets and smartphones:




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