Advanced 3D Radar Reimage

 Smart Radar Protective Netting

HwaCom introduce and develop brand new and different sensing and monitoring solution. It can detect and track the action, position, posture and signs of life of the target without widely spread monitors, camera or wearable device.

By means of 3D Radar Reimage, it helps users handle emergency in various scenarios, such as monitoring baby's breathing and whether the elderly fall or even assist in calling rescue.

In addition to applications mentioned above, we expand 3D Radar Reimage to services such as the home surveillance, detecting signs of life in fire rescuing, driver monitoring and even combined with "HwaCom Smart Home system".

「Pursuit of excellence」is the core value of HwaCom in developing services and solutions. Therefore we develop and invent "3D Radar Application Service" to formula a「Smart Radar Protective Netting」which can enable home or business environment activities monitoring in real time and remain users to keep their own privacy.