Broadband network has become an important infrastructure for national economic and social development for many countries. With the recent United Nations' Broadband Declaration, it is foreseeable that broadband for everyone and broadband anywhere will be a key global driving initiative for most nations and service providers in the future.

HwaCom has launched a wide range of broadband solutions and services for telecom service providers in the following to address their broadband challenges :


•   Bandwidth demand in the access, aggregation and core network: How to evolve current narrow bandwidth to a broadband infrastructure? How to migrate the existing network to new broadband technologies in a multi-vendor environment? How can ODN be rapidly implemented?

•   Broadband services creation and optimization: How do offer new services in the broadband environment? How to optimize service bandwidth utilization in a bandwidth network?

•   Integrated network management system for broadband network: How to effectively manage network management in a multi-vendor environment? How to simultaneously manage network operations and service in a broadband network?

•   Video architecture and delivery: How to effectively deliver video signal to emerging smart devices?

  Our Solutions

HwaCom works with wide range of renowned manufacturers to offer broadband infrastructure, value added services, customized network management systems.

  Broadband infrastructure solutions

HwaCom works with optical broadband equipment vendors, such as Nokia (Alcatel Lucent), Cisco, ZyXel, to offer broadband infrastructure solutions to service providers. From VDSL, MSAN, GPON that include coaxial and fiber access solution, IP network including Metro Ethernet, IP Transport to transport system such as NG-SDH, PTN, OTN and so on. We also offer STB, Home Gateway (GW), Meshed WiFi Router, Small Cell Gateway in terms of home networking solution. HwaCom provides comprehensive broadband solutions and to implement the broadband solutions in service providers network and cable operators in the past few years. HwaCom provides a various broadband solution to fulfill customer’s needs. Refer to the following diagram for our solutions.



Refer to network architecture diagram above, HwaCom Systems Inc. is few of system integrators in Taiwan to offer the highly mobile network integration solution. We offer solution include mobile IP Transport、mobile network security solution、Application Service system such as CBC, PCRF, DRA, DEA, PCEF, and Value Added Services like RBT, SMSC, MMSC, RCS etc. The solutions were deployed among the five LTE mobile operators in Taiwan. You can refer to some part of our value use cases as below.


  VAS (Value Added Services) implementation

HwaCom works with software service platform providers, such as Metaswitch Rhino, to offer converged broadband services in a LTE and NGN network. Service providers can develop new broadband multimedia services based on the VAS platform to meet customer's service demands.

  Customized network management systems

HwaCom works with network management system manufacturers, such as Cisco、Ipswitch、Paessler, to offer customized network management system to service providers. HwaCom manages the customization cost and to deliver the customized software in a cost effective and timely manners.



  Integrated video solutions

HwaCom works with video equipment manufacturers, such as Harmonic, to provide end to end video delivery systems to telecom and cable service providers. HwaCom also provide integrated video deployment and professional services for telecom and cable operators.

  Applications & Benefits

Our solution can benefit operators by reducing their OPEX and generate new service revenue. Specifically the solution can help operators rapidly put their networks into commercial use, enhance network operations and maintenance work, and to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, HwaCom’s solutions enable Mobile (4G) operators and Fixed NGN operators to prepare for the emerging broadband network convergence.

Successful Case

Hwacom provide Metaswitch Rhino Telecom Application Server (Rhino TAS) to Telecom Operators:

•  Rhino TAS provide Connectivity Packs that offer SIP、INAP、MAP、CAP to interconnect with IMS/NGN/3G network in Telecom operator to provide various value-added services<

•  Rhino TAS provide JAIN SLEE software development platform to enable developer to rapidly using Eclipse tool and JAVA language to develop value-added services

•  It successfully transforms the existing Telecom services to SIP based IMS network that simply offer IP-based value-added service for Telecom operators.

•  Rhino TAS also provide geographic redundancy mechanism. When A site’s Rhino TAS system is failed, another B site’s Rhino TAS system are still continuing to provide service to operator’s subscribers. It fulfill telecom operators requirement, which is non-interruption services.


Rhino TAS development planform as below: