Set-Top Box HC series 


HwaCom Systems Inc. is a leading STB vender, and broadband system integrator for IPTV/OTT related services as well as multimedia applications. The company is located in Taipei, Taiwan. [TWSE listed, code: 6163]
Designing and delivering a solution beyond customer expectations is our speciality. Our goal is helping our clients to monetise their ideas and innovations. We are focused on providing telecoms and MSOs with efficient and quality services, ensuring that customer’s strategic investment gets maximum returns and sound market feedback.
During the past few years, HwaCom has built a reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality, feature-rich IPTV/OTT TV solutions, which have been selected by the major payTV operators, telecoms, and MSO like Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), TWM, and some other first tier MSO across Asia.
Our product portfolio ranges from IPTV set-top boxes, OTT set-top boxes, hybrid set-top boxes, to video gateway, and video streaming related consulting and integration services.

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F5 Networks


F5 Networks是全球應用系統傳輸網路的領導廠商,所推出的解決方案能夠讓每一個人都享有安全、迅速且實用的應用系統存取。F5係透過新增的智慧型與管理功能,徹底減輕網路的應用系統負載,以及最佳化資料儲存區域的執行效能,並藉此讓智慧型網路的強大性能擴展至所有層級的應用系統傳輸,而F5的延展式架構更聰明地整合了應用系統的最佳效能,以保護應用系統與網路,並發揮應用系統的可靠性。全球有超過16,000家企業與服務供應商均係仰賴F5協助他們維持應用系統的順暢運作,F5 Networks的總部係位於美國華盛頓州西雅圖市,子公司則遍布全世界。

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FireEye, Inc. 在遏止使用了進階惡意軟體、零時差攻擊和 APT 手法的新一代威脅上,一直居於領導地位。傳統和新一代的防火牆、IPS、防毒產品及閘道無法遏止進階威脅,導致網路出現安全性缺口,而 FireEye 解決方案可補足這些機制的不足之處。


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Set-Top Box HC series User Guide (Link)

機上盒如何即時錄影 :
機上盒如何預約錄影 :
機上盒如何錄影播放 :


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


Hewlett Packard Enterprise是一家全球技術領導者,致力於開發智能解決方案,使客戶能夠從邊緣到核心到雲無縫地捕捉,分析和處理數據。 HPE通過推動新的業務模式,創建新的客戶和員工體驗,以及提高當前和未來的運營效率,使客戶能夠加快業務成果。

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