About ITSGood

ITSGood is a service developing project for the Intelligent Transportation Service (ITS) by HwaCom, a public listed Company in Taiwan OTC. The major goals of this project are to integrate various transportation data generated by government & private organizations, and provide a variety of ITS value-added services in the cloud, and uphold the principle of "user-centric design" to bring timely, accessible, accurate and complete transportation information services to users.

In 2010 to 2011, ITSGood launched "RoadCam", "好路子" two smart phone APP in Android and iOS phone. Total accumulated more than 300,000 valid installation users. Also set up ITSGood Facebook community, providing customer service and interesting messages.

In 2012, ITSGood is combining “GPS-Based Vehicle Probe“ & “Cloud Computing” technology to expand the coverage of the real-time traffic, enhance information immediacy and accuracy, and began to prepare to provide historic traffic analysis and prediction services. Services currently offered are as follows.


  Service name



  Intelligent driving assistant


  Real-time traffic cameras viewer


  Real-time traffic information and route planning tool

  Dr. Road

  Traffic forecast and analysis tool

  ITSGood Facebook

  Traffic information sharing and customer service