In order to promptly solve your problem,we recommend you to prepare following information first.

  1. Customer Information

  • Company / Enterprise
  • Contact Person
  • Tel / Fax

  2. System Infomation

  • Hardware model
  • OS version
  • network infranstructure
  • Network software & Version

  3. Error Message

  • screen capture for error message

  4. Environment

  • Operating System
  • System loading & con-current user
  • Status of memory
  • Status swap space
  • I/O status

  5. Question Summary

  • Error message
  • opertation/process
  • Status for System & Database 
  • If possible to re-generate the issue 
  • Process procedure to generate the issue 
  • Critical of this issue 


Software/Hardware Guarantee
All of the products we deliver are warranty under normal operation. The warranty time is from the date of delivery until the date of acceptance, the damaged product or unusable will be replaced at no charge. 

Technical support service policies
When providing technical support, below technical services are not included or shall be charged in addtion:
•The technical support services provide only for the products we sold.
•The technical support services do not include issues caused by client-developed applications.

Remote service and customers
•We will provide the remote technical support services to you with your approval and resolve your problem promptly.