We offer a wide range of management including network devices, servers, applications and virtual environment (cloud platform), etc. The software license is unlimited and the server architecture has horizontal scalability. It's easy to achieve comprehensive monitoring in the future.

 We Support Your Language

Provide Web GUI with Multi-language including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Short contextual help is already provided within the web interface and make it easy for users to get started.

 Detect Unusual Change

Automatically analyze data trends, detect sudden rise and fall of data, and proactively issue notifications to let the operators know that the environment has changed dramatically. You can also manually customize the threshold.

 Flexible Alerting

Support many alert methods such as email, play alarm audio files, SMS, or triggering HTTP requests. Our free push notifications help you stay up to date when using your mobile device(s). And the alarm dependencies help you avoid alarm floods and find the root cause.

 Keep Tracking the Configuration Change

The NMS will automatic backup the configuration of network devices and provide history logs of configuration change. The managers can Instantly know who and when to change the config and compare the content to check the difference.

 Powerful API for Integration

Support REST API to allow third party system to access real-time data, historical data, network management settings. It also supports the generation of shared web links, allowing third-party systems to directly read graphical data such as Dashboard or network topology maps.